Community Groups are a place where you belong. You will feel welcomed and loved by a circle of friends.

Make Friends

Community groups are the heartbeat of Community Church. On Sundays, we worship as a church family. During the week, we meet in smaller groups (usually 8-12 people) where you can really connect with others and go deeper into God's Word.

It's just like what Jesus did. He taught large crowds of people and also met in a smaller group with his disciples.

Have Fun

You will have so much fun in your community group! Friends enjoy activites, meals, and lots of laughs together.

You might study the Bible at a local park,  spend a night out bowling, or head to the movies. There are groups for every situation and season in your life; from young adults to retirees, to single moms and empty nesters. There are also special groups based on shared hobbies.

Find Support

When a crisis strikes or you're just having one of those days, your community group is there to support you. You can count on your group to offer prayer, love, and assistance.

You will also be able to feel the joy of helping others in need when you support your friends or do a community service project as a group.

Community Group Testimonials
Carlin Nasiatka

"In a culture where virtual relationships are the norm, my community group has given me a place to find authentic, face-to-face friendships. The people in my community group have become some of my closest friends, the people I call when I need a buddy to go out to dinner with or just want to hang out. 

As someone who doesn't have family living nearby, my community group has become my "family" and my support system here in the Poconos. I love doing life in community!

Andrew Scott

"I was looking for a way to live a less self-centered life, come out of my shell, connect with and serve other people. But I didn't know how to do this or approach anyone without feeling like an outcast. 

My community group has given me what I've been looking for. I'm blessed to be a part of a group where we are welcomed, supported, and can share without being judged. This type of acceptance in a group proves we're all children of a loving, caring God. It's a feeling everyone should constantly have."

Myriam & Victor Muniz

"We have been hosting community groups for years and have loved helping people grow in Christ. It's so rewarding to see someone from your group get baptised or see a marriage blossom through a group.

Community groups have helped us turn friends into family. We like to call them 'framily.' We are there for each other in the good and bad times. Once, when we were our of the country, our daughter got sick and was hospitalized. We called our group and they were able to be there for her, just like family."

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